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Wildflower – Helping Kids Rediscover Life After Loss

Wildflower is an amazing organization that helps kids that have dealt with loss in their life. Their gala event had to be canceled this year, but we are proud to be a sponsor.

Being a kid means enjoying time to daydream, play and grow. When a child loses a parent, that carefree time can be lost. That’s where Wildflower comes in.

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Market Outlook April 2020

Given the events of the last six weeks, sitting down to a keyboard to tap out thoughts that might be considered illuminating seems daunting. This is especially true given a clientele-readership which has largely been forced to sequester themselves with the media for weeks on end rather than going about their usual daily business.

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Update for Retirement Plan Participants

As we work our way through this difficult time, we wanted to reach out to remind you that your retirement team at CCR Wealth Management is here to help. As the Advisors to your workplace retirement program, we’re here to help you continue to make progress towards retirement despite the challenging environment we find ourselves in. Now that a disrupted 1st quarter has ended, it might be a great time to schedule a 15-minute call or web meeting with us to review your retirement outlook. Please reach out to us to schedule a time for your personal review.  

In the meantime – remember that over the course of time the financial markets have demonstrated a remarkable ability to anticipate a better tomorrow even when today’s news feels so bad. While we don’t know where the markets are headed in the short term – history shows us that these moments of crisis pass and economies, markets and individuals tend to prevail despite the circumstances of the moment.

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COVID-19 Update

Conveying two seemingly juxtaposed ideas simultaneously is not an easy task—and perhaps it is a futile undertaking. Given the battle occurring across the investment universe (and at our firm) between a real, globally widespread health concern and the more personal question of what investors “should do” about it—we feel compelled to give it a shot.

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Behind the Trade War

-A discussion about East and West, China and America

In this outlook, we are happy to include our in-house analyst Shiqi (Chloe) Gu, CFA in our discussion. Chloe was born and raised in Shanghai, China. As a native Chinese, she provides the knowledge of culture behind the Chinese position, and her insights on the US-China Relationship, Chinese Millennial’s, the Hong Kong issue and a central government system.