Insurance Strategies

Insurance Strategies

Whether you are considering insurance protection for your young children or questioning if you may be over-insured, we provide the guidance and solutions to fit your situation, taking into consideration your estate plan.

Personalized Approach

Having the appropriate insurance in place for your current and future needs helps ensure your family will be provided for in the event of a death or a disability. In case of untimely death, it can provide income to dependents, fund future obligations such as college and retirement, and help in settling of debt. It can provide funds for estate protection and business buyouts and transition. It also offers peace of mind. In effect, it can provide for the continuation of your overall financial plan. We analyze your insurance needs, and with access to a broad network of providers, we tailor a solution to meet them.

Comprehensive Analysis of All Insurance Components

We provide a thorough and systematic process to help determine the best protection for you and your family now and into the future, including life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care.


We begin by analyzing your current and potential future insurance needs, including if:

  • Your current benefit is appropriate
  • Current and projected premiums are cost-competitive
  • There are any life events or health changes that could affect insurability
  • Ownership is properly titled to avoid estate or tax problems
  • Beneficiaries are properly designated

We discuss disability insurance, since the ability to earn income is the key to most any strategy. When evaluating this type of insurance we review if:

  • The benefit is appropriate for current income
  • It is sufficient against future increases in earned income
  • The policy language is appropriate for your occupation and needs
  • An employer-sponsored group disability is in place

With increased life expectancy and continued health care advances, long-term care is another component of a comprehensive wealth management plan. We analyze:

  • Your potential insurance needs, including monthly benefit and benefit period
  • Other assets that can be utilized for care
  • Average cost of care in your geographical area
  • Availability and cost of long-term care insurance
  • Analysis of owned life insurance
  • Evaluation of estate plan life insurance needs
  • Buy/sell life insurance and key man life insurance (term, whole life, universal life, variable life)
  • Review of long-term disability needs, education, and purchase
  • Long-term care insurance advice, education, and sales