Our Personalized Process

A Client-Centered Approach

We asked our clients how they would describe the CCR Wealth Management process. Their responses?

Personalized. Goal-driven. Adaptable. Disciplined.

But what do these words all have in common? They’re all focused around you. We apply time-tested principles to a client-centered process, resulting in a personalized plan that's executed with disciplined oversight.


CCR Wealth’s Big-Picture Capabilities

If it affects your finances, it affects your life. We’ve built a one-stop shop where you can find goal-centered solutions for the full spectrum of your financial concerns.


At CCR Wealth, each client’s financial plan is completely unique. Our process begins with constructing your personal “financial biography” as we listen to you and learn about your life, business, financial goals and your existing financial circumstances. This step enables us to conduct the most thorough analysis possible, which personalizes and shapes the rest of our process.


In the second step of our process, we sit down with you to create a strategy together. We identify and clarify objectives which incorporate our experience with your unique goals and aspirations. Our Financial Planning Group then builds your custom financial plan, and a team whose experience best matches your specific needs reviews this plan with you.


Once you’ve approved your personalized plan, we mobilize an account with Cetera and a corresponding 401(k) record keeper. Our Client Services team will arrange transfers and ensure that your investments are reallocated to our models. From there, our Investment Committee will stay in touch with your needs and monitor on a daily basis market and economic changes.


We understand that nothing remains constant, so we manage almost all your needs in-house in order to respond quickly to changes in the market and your circumstances. We’re committed to your education so you can make informed decisions and understand the risks, as we provide ongoing, strategy-driven advice and guidance specific to your growth goals and priorities.

Review & Adjust

Many of our clients have been with us for a decade or longer, with one of the most rewarding aspects of our work is being with them for life’s milestones. As your life changes, we adapt and optimize our strategies as needed. While your life may change course, our process and oversight are constant, keeping your financial plan evolving and moving forward at all times.

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