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The Value of Insuring Against Life’s Risks

October is Disability Awareness Month, and a great reminder to invest in our families’ future with disability insurance.


Disability Income Insurance—A Partner When You’re in Need

Disability income protection is often left out of planning; however, it can help fill the void when income stops and bills mount.


Disability & Your Finances

Rather than depending on social security, consider protecting yourself with disability insurance.


Permanent vs. Term Insurance

When choosing life insurance coverage, take a closer look at the short- and long-term benefits of permanent vs term insurance.


Insurance Protection for Life’s Key Stages

Life cycle planning helps individuals and families identify insurance needs that are common to particular stages of life.


Life Insurance: How Much Is Enough?

When determining the appropriate amount of life insurance coverage for your family, you may want to conduct a “needs analysis”.


Revisiting Elder Care Issues

Existing financial, health care, and living arrangements that were satisfactory at age 65 often require a second look.


Mental Health & Group Benefits

Medical insurance companies offer excellent mental health coverage. Let CCR assist you in offering this valuable benefit to your employees.

A Quick Look at Your Life Insurance Needs

A Quick Look at Your Life Insurance Needs

How much life insurance is enough? A general rule of thumb is to implement a “needs analysis”, then design a plan to ensure that money will be available to meet those objectives.

The Rationale Behind Permanent Life Insurance

The Rationale Behind Permanent Life Insurance

Term insurance premiums can be a significant expense; however, there may be instances where term insurance is the best choice.