Long-Term Care Insurance Provides Relief for Caregivers


Long-Term Care Insurance Provides Relief for Caregivers

Adults who become their parents’ primary caregivers often assume considerable physical, emotional, and financial stress. When commitments become overwhelming, consider utilizing the following community services detailed below.


Alzheimer’s and Long-Term Care

While caring for someone with Alzheimer’s can be challenging, there are several options available to help you prepare for the level of care involved at various stages of the disease.


Health Insurance: How’s Your Coverage?

If you want to supplement your employer-provided coverage, or buy a complete health insurance package, here are some things you should consider.


An Eye on Disability

For those who depend on current earnings, future earning capacity may be their most valuable asset and the one least likely to be protected by insurance.


The Importance of Disability Income Insurance

Financial Consultant Dean Aita stresses the importance of disability income insurance. No matter your profession, it’s in your best interest to protect your most significant asset: your income!


The Need for Disability Income Protection

The best way to protect yourself from the financial harm that a disability can cause is to purchase disability income insurance. But where do you start? Learn more in our newest whitepaper.


Continue to Care for Your Family: Final Expense Insurance

For those shopping for life insurance and looking for ways to help their family even after they are gone, final expense insurance could be one alternative to consider.


NY Executive Order – Insurance & Annuity Extended Grace Periods

A recent Executive Order issued by Governor Cuomo, together with recent amendments to the insurance and banking regulations (the “regulations”) issued by the New York State Department of Financial Services (“Department”), extend grace periods and give you other rights under your life insurance policy or annuity contract if you can demonstrate financial hardship as a…


Maximizing Health Insurance Plan Benefits

Listen to our advisor Mike Rousseau discuss ways to make sure that you are taking full advantage of your health plan benefits.


Think Personal Disability Insurance Isn’t Important for Dentists? Think Again

No one wants to think about becoming disabled. But think outside yourself. What happens to your family in the event you become disabled and unable to perform your job as a dental professional? Simply put, it’s a good idea to plan. Buy disability insurance.