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Behavioral Finance & Market Outcomes E-book

By CCR WM | September 7, 2021

CCR is pleased to announce the release of our newest educational material: a 35-page e-book on the complex but highly intuitive topic of Behavioral Finance, written by John Maher, CFA and CIO. Now, you might be scratching your head and asking what Behavioral Finance is and why it’s so important as to warrant its own e-book.…

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Secure Act Whitepaper

By CCR WM | August 17, 2021

The bill is intended to provide additional incentives to help people save more for retirement over a longer period of time, among other changes. The ideas behind the SECURE Act had been worked on for years before they were folded into a broader spending bill in late 2019. The bill passed on December 20, 2019,…

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July 2021 Market Brief

By CCR WM | August 2, 2021

Recent regulatory moves by Chinese authorities have shaken investors, with some broad-based Chinese investment funds and indexes were recently down anywhere from 26% to 40% from their February highs.

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June 2021 Market Outlook

By John Maher, CFA | June 22, 2021

Here’s a brainteaser:  Do you consider the current market cycle (begun after last-March’s pandemic-induced bear market) a new market cycle?  Or a continuation of the last market cycle (begun after the great recession of ’08-’09)? There is a technical answer, of course, one which we defined in our Outlook last April.  A market cycle is…

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Happy Earth Day!

By CCR WM | April 22, 2021
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CCR Listed on the Top DC Advisor Teams for 2020

By CCR WM | April 19, 2021

We are ecstatic to be listed on the Top DC Advisor Teams again for 2020! NAPA Top DC Advisor Teams list highlights the nation’s leading retirement plan advisor firms. This list focuses on teams, broadly defined as being in a single physical location, and having at least $100 million in DC assets under advisement.…

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Market Update and Q&A

By John Maher, CFA | April 9, 2021

Our CIO John Maher gives a market outlook and answers questions on the housing market, inflation, cryptocurrency and electric vehicle investments, and value stocks. What is the long-term outlook on the housing market? What is the likelihood of inflationary pressures, and what is the appropriate investing response?  Please discuss your thoughts on Cryptocurrency investments as…

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Forbes Best in State

By CCR WM | April 1, 2021

CCR is honored to be listed as #8 on the Forbes list of Best in State Wealth Advisors *The 2021 ranking of the Forbes’ Best–in–State Wealth Advisors list was developed by SHOOK Research and is based on in– person and telephone due–diligence meetings to evaluate each advisor qualitatively and on a ranking algorithm that…

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February 2021 Market Outlook

By CCR Investment Committee | February 10, 2021

Retrospectives and projections are the norm for year-end commentaries.  Our year-end (or beginning) comments are traditionally light on forecasts.  We made the point in last January’s web-cast video that forecasts can actually be significant detractors to investment outcomes if inherent uncertainties are not considered. 

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DCF Winter Items Donation

By CCR WM | December 21, 2020

A huge thank you to everyone who donated to the kids in the care of DCF this year! We collected over 50 pairs of pajamas and an entire bag each of boys underwear, girls underwear, gloves, and hats!

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2020 Post Election Q&A

By CCR WM | November 10, 2020

Please see the recording of our Live Post Election Q&A with our Chief Investment Officer, John Maher, CFA who answered questions on the effect of the election on the US/China relationship, the probability of a fiscal stimulus plan, growth vs. value stocks, yields, and if you can expect a tax increase in 2021.

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Election Year Retirement Mistakes

By CCR WM | October 23, 2020

We want to make sure we are staying in touch with our clients and their staff and helping relieve any retirement related stress they may be experiencing as we work through this unique period of time. With that goal in mind, we put together the attached video for the staff to offer some perspective on…

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September 2020 Market Outlook

By CCR WM | September 9, 2020

Thank you to everyone who attended the Live Market Update and Q&A webinar on Wednesday. John Maher gave some comments on the current political landscape and its potential economic impact, as well as the concept of Total Return vs. Yield. We received many great questions for John to answer, thank you to all who submitted them. Please…

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July 2020 Market Outlook

By CCR WM | July 9, 2020

This was the headline in the Wall Street Journal on July 1st.  CCR Wealth Management sent out e-mails to our clients in February and early March cautioning against reactionary trading during sharp market declines.  On March 13th we wrote: “Most will come to learn that the best days, weeks or even quarters tend to follow…

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Feeding the Front Line at Tufts Medical Center

By CCR WM | May 15, 2020

Using funds the CCR Charity and Community Responsibility Committee raised from our ‘Snack Shack’ sales we were able to send 40 meals from 5 Spices House to Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA. We received this nice note of from them:“Thank you so much, we have fed our Pediatric ICU and Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant team with your donation,…

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Feeding the Front Line at UMass Memorial Medical Center

By CCR WM | May 13, 2020

CCR is grateful for the front line workers at UMass Memorial Medical Center and the wonderful program set up by Quinn’s Irish Pub to feed them!

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Wildflower – Helping Kids Rediscover Life After Loss

By CCR WM | April 30, 2020

Wildflower is an amazing organization that helps kids that have dealt with loss in their life. Their gala event had to be canceled this year, but we are proud to be a sponsor. Being a kid means enjoying time to daydream, play and grow. When a child loses a parent, that carefree time can be…

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Happy Earth Day

By CCR WM | April 22, 2020

Although the Earth Day cleanup has been cancelled this year due to COVID-19 we are proud to support the Regional Environmental Council and all they do to create healthy and sustainable communities.

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Market Outlook April 2020

By CCR WM | April 15, 2020

Given the events of the last six weeks, sitting down to a keyboard to tap out thoughts that might be considered illuminating seems daunting. This is especially true given a clientele-readership which has largely been forced to sequester themselves with the media for weeks on end rather than going about their usual daily business.

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NY Executive Order – Insurance & Annuity Extended Grace Periods

By CCR WM | April 14, 2020

A recent Executive Order issued by Governor Cuomo, together with recent amendments to the insurance and banking regulations (the “regulations”) issued by the New York State Department of Financial Services (“Department”), extend grace periods and give you other rights under your life insurance policy or annuity contract if you can demonstrate financial hardship as a…

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