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The Power of a Trust

Are you worried about protecting your assets and ensuring they are distributed according to your wishes after you’re gone? Trusts can help with that.


What is an HSA?

Save money & live healthier by opening an HSA to manage your healthcare costs, even if you’re on a high-deductible plan.


Dear Millennials, We See You

Post-graduation debt can be overwhelming when you’re working hard to build your future. See how CCR can help.


The Importance of Diversification

Retirement Consultant Jared T. Evangelous, CRPC®, discusses the importance of diversification.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Financial Planner Amanda Hancock discusses what umbrella insurance is and the benefits it may yield to some clients. Watch the full video below!

Roth vs Traditional 401k

Roth vs Traditional 401k

Retirement Consultant Mike Callahan reviews the differences between Roth and Traditional 401(k)s in our latest educational video.


Millennials & Retirement

What unique challenges are millennials facing as their retirement years near? Financial Planning Associates Vincenzo Palmerino and Tim Ressler discuss these challenges as well as planning tips in their latest educational video.


Financial Planning

Learn how our planning process aligns your unique needs with your unique financial objectives. Let’s work together to create a roadmap to your future goals!


Healthcare Planning

Are you prepared for future healthcare costs? Watch this video to find out why it’s important to plan now for the high cost of healthcare in retirement.


Retirement Income Education

Do you understand your retirement options? Working with a professional can help you understand the risk and reward associated with retirement strategies.


Behavioral Finance I, II, & II on Youtube

Join John Maher, CFA and CIO, as he takes a deep dive into the comprehensive topic of Behavioral Finance.


SEP IRA vs Simple IRA vs Solo 401(k) for Self-Employed Individuals

Financial Planners Vincenzo Palmerino and Tim Ressler discuss the alternatives available for self-employed individuals who want to save for retirement but don’t have access to a typical retirement plan.


Dollar-Cost Averaging

What is dollar-cost averaging and how can you implement it in your investment strategy? Financial Planning Associates Vincenzo Palmerino and Tim Ressler discuss this simple investment strategy.

2022-2-28 1099 Repost

1099s & Working With a Tax Preparer

Financial Planner Jonathan Lilja discusses 1099s, when to expect them, and how to choose a CPA or tax preparer for the upcoming tax season. Don’t wait to seek professional help as many CPAs are simply too busy to pick up new clients!


February 2020 Market Outlook Video

John Maher, CIO, discusses analyzing forecasters, valuations, earnings, and their effects on the markets in this February Market Outlook.


Maximizing Health Insurance Plan Benefits

Advisor Mike Rousseau discusses ways to make sure you are taking full advantage of your health plan benefits.


Life Insurance

Advisors Tom Neilan discusses different types of life insurance and when they are appropriate pieces of a financial plan.


October 2019 Market Outlook IV: Investing in the Cannabis Industry

Learn more about investing in the cannabis market in part 4 to our October 2019 Market Outlook.


October 2019 Market Outlook III: Interest Rate Outlook

Learn more about interest rates in part 3 to our October 2019 Market Outlook


October 2019 Market Outlook II: Active vs. Passive Investments

Learn more about active vs passive investments in Part 2 of the October 2019 market outlook.