Business & Personal Financial Coordination

Enjoy the Financial Rewards of your Hard Work

We understand what it took to turn an idea into a successful business — that rare combination of tenacity and talent. As small business specialists, we can understand the unique challenges you face. Your goals are our guide in providing objective advice, results-oriented strategies and a disciplined road-map to help you build margin and long-term financial strength into your business.

Our Process: 360 Degrees

The CCR Wealth process views your financial life from every angle — and our tools make it easy for you to organize all the moving parts of your financial picture. We start with an assessment to understand your financial situation, including your corporate finances and personal assets. We then combine our experience with your goals to develop a course of action for every aspect of your financial life. We also coordinate with your business partners to streamline your finances.

CCR Wealth’s Big-Picture Capabilities

If it affects your finances, it affects your life. We’ve built a one-stop shop where you can find goal-centered solutions for the full spectrum of your financial concerns.

Intuitive Financial Tools

  • Accessible, effective financial organization
  • Comprehensive financial snapshots
  • Corporate and personal financial management
  • Business financial coordination
  • Streamlined coordination with your advisor

Personal Finance Services

  • Personal Financial Services
  • Financial planning
  • Life insurance coordination
  • Investment management
  • Education planning
  • Retirement projections
  • Asset review and analysis
  • Business and Personal Financial Coordination

Corporate Finance Services

  • Corporate retirement plans
  • Group health and life insurance
  • Business cash management strategies
  • Business succession planning

Outside Coordination

  • Purchase or sale of a business
  • Business transition
  • Tax planning
  • Legal
  • Estate coordination

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