June 2022 Market Outlook

June 2022 Market Outlook

June 2022 Market Outlook

The case for a near-term recession has been made incessantly in the media of late. While we believe that indicators like Consumer Sentiment, inflation the Federal Reserve’s aggressive attempts to correct a clear policy mistake have raised the odds of recession, we do not believe it is imminent in the near term. So, we will give a couple of points to bolster the other side of the argument.

April 2022 Market Outlook

April 2022 Market Outlook

Talk on the Street has increasingly included an outlook for a recession sometime in the near future. While this is far from being a certainty (and far from being a consensus opinion), we think it is worth exploring the reasoning behind it, and, perhaps dispelling some of the myths about recessions, market declines, and our power to stop either from besmirching our portfolios.

2022-2-28 1099 Repost

1099s & Working With a Tax Preparer

Financial Planner Jonathan Lilja discusses 1099s, when to expect them, and how to choose a CPA or tax preparer for the upcoming tax season. Don’t wait to seek professional help as many CPAs are simply too busy to pick up new clients!

Behavioral Finance and Market Outcomes Thumbnail

Behavioral Finance & Market Outcomes Ebook

Behavioral biases have a proven, negative effect on investor outcomes. We draw from the annual Dalbar Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior report in quantifying their effect on individuals’ portfolio returns, and explore both Cognitive and Emotional biases as well as discussions of specific behaviors common among investors.

Jan 2022 Market Outlook Banner

January 2022 Market Outlook

Change is afoot in the markets. 2022 is a mid-term election year which also brings change, often. It would not surprise us if change were also afoot among the public’s perceptions of the power they have granted to governments.

The Great Spending Balance Thumbnail

The Great Spending Balance

Explore some smart strategies to address with your financial professional—ensuring that you’re able to enjoy your life in the present, while still building a solid foundation for your future.