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October 2018 Market Outlook

A sizeable chunk of the CFA curriculum* is made up of a combination of pension accounting and institutional portfolio management (both principles and practices). Since we can already sense your eyes glazing over, we will keep this a very high-altitude discussion. We bring it up because in years like 2018, we receive numerous questions and comments from clients which cut to the very core of what we do as wealth managers. It is also a germane discussion in an environment with such divergent asset returns.

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CCR Market Outlook January 2018

In many respects, 2017 was a remarkable year. We jumped from a decidedly pessimistic tone in the media’s assessment of global markets and economics throughout 2016 to comparisons of the 1990’s technology stock-market bubble in the span of about six months. 

CCR Market Outlook January 2018 CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE PDF