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Four Tips For Clients Thinking About Buying a Vacation Home

Even if a client can afford a second home, there are wide array of long-term planning considerations to take into account.


How Over-Emphasizing Tax Deductions Can Get Your Clients Into Trouble

Now that the tax season is over, this is perhaps the slowest time on the calendar for many financial advisers.


How To Best Support Politically Divided Couples

Married couples tend to have political views that are relatively in sync, but not always.


Why Pension Plans Can Make Sense for Dental Practices

For some small business owners, pension plans are a broad financial planning tool that may help slash near- and long-term tax burden.


Help Small Biz Owners Gain an Edge With Company-Sponsored Retirement Plan

Small business owners, consider a company-sponsored 401(k) or defined benefit plan for you and your employees.


Got Dental Student Loan Debt? Some Tricks to Help You Tackle It

Student loan debt can inhibit dentists’ ability to save money, plan for retirement, buy a house, or get married. There’s a way to alleviate the debt.


Think Personal Disability Insurance Isn’t Important for Dentists? Think Again

What happens to your family should you become disabled and unable to perform your job as a dental professional? It’s a good idea to buy disability insurance.


Top Insurance Strategies For Small Business Owner Clients

As financial advisors, we’ve all encountered small business owner clients who are living the American dream.


Four Ways Financial Advisers Should Help Retirement Plan Sponsor Clients Avoid a Dol Audit

Most financial advisers who support the personal planning needs of independent business owners of small- to mid-sized companies are invariably called upon to also help with business advice needs.


Forget The IRS: Why A Department Of Labor Audit Is The New Boogeyman For Small Businesses

For business owners, few things are more terrifying than a potential IRS tax audit.


Four Ways to Prep for Retirement in Mass.

Thanks to the financial crisis and the accommodative Federal Reserve policies that have followed, interest rates are no longer supportive of a simple retirement approach.


Investment Experts On Debt Ceiling: Don’t Panic

With much of the U.S. media focused on the showdown in Washington over the debt ceiling, Central Massachusetts financial advisors are getting their share of calls from concerned investors. Their message: Don’t get too worried.


Clients Come Out of Their Shells

While markets have fallen sharply in the last month, they still remain lar above the depths or the financial crisis.