CCR Insights


ID Theft: Be Prepared, Be Proactive.

What can you do to safeguard identity, credit card numbers and account information online?


ID Theft: How Does it Happen?

Familiarize yourself with the ways a thief might obtain your information with the intent to steal money or commit other crimes.


Long-Term Care Insurance Provides Relief for Caregivers

Adults who become their parents’ primary caregivers often assume considerable physical, emotional, and financial stress. When commitments become overwhelming, consider utilizing the following community services detailed below.


Alzheimer’s and Long-Term Care

While caring for someone with Alzheimer’s can be challenging, there are several options available to help you prepare for the level of care involved at various stages of the disease.


The Three Keys to a Great Password

A great password is often the only thing standing between you and identity theft. But what makes a password secure? Turns out, there are some important guidelines to follow to keep information safe.


What You Need to Know about Financial Fraud

November 14-20, 2021 is International Fraud Awareness Week. Speak to your trusted CCR financial professional about how you can protect yourself and your business from identity thieves and fraudsters.