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SEP IRA vs Simple IRA vs Solo 401(k) for Self-Employed Individuals

Financial Planners Vincenzo Palmerino and Tim Ressler discuss the alternatives available for self-employed individuals who want to save for retirement but don’t have access to a typical retirement plan.


Benefits of Working with a Financial Professional

Working with a financial professional allows you to design a financial strategy based on your unique needs and aspirations, for today and the future.


Dollar-Cost Averaging

What is dollar-cost averaging and how can you implement it in your investment strategy? Financial Planning Associates Vincenzo Palmerino and Tim Ressler discuss this simple investment strategy in their latest educational video!

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Six Wise Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

When your tax refund arrives, it can be tempting to spend it immediately. But there are ways that you can use your refund to your advantage.

April 2022 Market Outlook Banner

April 2022 Market Outlook

Talk on the Street has increasingly included an outlook for a recession sometime in the near future. While this is far from being a certainty (and far from being a consensus opinion), we think it is worth exploring the reasoning behind it, and, perhaps dispelling some of the myths about recessions, market declines, and our power to stop either from besmirching our portfolios.

Are Financial Advisors Still Relevant in a Digital World-01

Are Financial Advisors Still Relevant in a Digital World? (Whitepaper)

A guide to determining if you should work with a financial advisor.