CCR Insights


Building Wealth and Avoiding Taxes with Roth IRA

As you are building your wealth and saving for retirement, a Roth IRA could be a tax-advantaged solution for you to invest your money and boost your retirement savings.


Retirement Strategies for Millennials

Retirement looks different now than it did for prior generations, and many Millennials worry that Social Security will not be available for them when they retire.


A Long-Term Opportunity: Home-Based Care

Home-based care enables you or your loved one to remain at home, living independently but receiving needed support and assistance.


Should You Name Irrevocable Beneficiaries?

One of the most important decisions you’ll make is who will receive your assets and take over your estate. To help ensure your loved ones receive the assets you want them to have, you can name irrevocable beneficiaries.


A Woman’s Guide to Long-Term Care

Women face unique financial challenges as they age. Compared to men, women live longer, earn less, and spend fewer years in the workforce. If you’re a woman or support a woman in your life, consider looking into LTC options.


A Step-by-Step Plan for Helping Your Parents

The best plans for managing the finances of an older relative are made when that individual is still healthy. Addressing care options now for your aging parents will pay dividends for everyone! Learn more with this infographic: