2020 Post Election Q&A

2020 Post Election Q&A

2020 Post Election Q&A

Our CIO John Maher, CFA, answers questions on the effect of the election on the US/China relationship, the probability of a fiscal stimulus plan, growth vs. value stocks, yields, and if you can expect a tax increase in 2021.


Election Year Retirement Mistakes

We want to make sure we are staying in touch with our clients and their staff and helping relieve any retirement related stress they may be experiencing as we work through this unique period of time. With that goal in mind, we put together the attached video for the staff to offer some perspective on…


September 2020 Market Outlook

John Maher gives some comments on the current political landscape and its potential economic impact, as well as the concept of Total Return vs. Yield.


July 2020 Market Outlook

Most will come to learn that the best days, weeks or even quarters tend to follow the worst days, weeks and quarters.  Asset allocation is designed to bridge this gap.


April 2020 Market Outlook

Given the events of the last six weeks, sitting down to a keyboard to tap out thoughts that might be considered illuminating seems daunting. This is especially true given a clientele-readership which has largely been forced to sequester themselves with the media for weeks on end rather than going about their usual daily business.


COVID-19 Update

Conveying two seemingly juxtaposed ideas simultaneously is not an easy task—and perhaps it is a futile undertaking. Given the battle occurring across the investment universe (and at our firm) between a real, globally widespread health concern and the more personal question of what investors “should do” about it—we feel compelled to give it a shot.


COVID-19 and the Markets

Yesterday’s 3 ½% drop in broad US equity markets in response to news of a sharp increase in the number of reported COVID-19 (or Coronavirus) infections outside China over the weekend has many investors understandably concerned.


February 2020 Market Outlook Video

John Maher, CIO, discusses analyzing forecasters, valuations, earnings, and their effects on the markets in this February 20220 Market Outlook.

January 2020 Market Outlook

January 2020 Outlook

Read our latest outlook for a comprehensive global review including the Yield Curve Reversion, US-China Trade War Tariffs, the Coronavirus, and the US and Non-US Markets.