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November 2019 Market Outlook – Behind the Trade War

We think closing the per capita gap between Chinese and American citizens will be the key to more harmonious relations. East meets West will most likely be a competitive contest for decades to come.


Maximizing Health Insurance Plan Benefits

Advisor Mike Rousseau discusses ways to make sure you are taking full advantage of your health plan benefits.


Life Insurance

Advisors Tom Neilan discusses different types of life insurance and when they are appropriate pieces of a financial plan.


How Charitable Giving Can Lower Your 2019 Tax Bill

Many investors are confused after recent changes to federal tax laws.


CCR Named to the 2019 Edition of the Financial Times 401 Top Retirement Advisers

We are proud to be named to the 2019 edition of the Financial Times 401 Top Retirement Advisers. The list recognizes the top financial advisers who specialize in serving defined contribution (DC) retirement plans, such as 401(k) and 403(b) plans, across the US.


October 2019 Market Outlook IV: Investing in the Cannabis Industry

Learn more about investing in the cannabis market in part 4 to our October 2019 Market Outlook.


October 2019 Market Outlook III: Interest Rate Outlook

Learn more about interest rates in part 3 to our October 2019 Market Outlook


October 2019 Market Outlook II: Active vs. Passive Investments

Learn more about active vs passive investments in Part 2 of the October 2019 market outlook.


October 2019 Market Outlook I: Market Outlook/Commodities

Learn more about commodities in the Intro to our October 2019 Market Outlook


October 2019 Market Outlook Summary

A brief outlook into the October 2019 market outlook before a more detailed version is published.