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& Legacy You Imagine

At CCR Wealth Management, we leverage our deep knowledge and wide-ranging expertise to help you build a life of security and comfort.

Guiding You Through Your Life’s Unique Transitions to the Life
You Want and the Legacy You Imagine.


Knowledge You Can Rely On

We’ve sourced a team of professionals with differing perspectives and skill sets, including in-house CFPs, CFAs, and an estate attorney. We apply our breadth of experience and specialized knowledge to advocate for you in every area that affects your financial life.


Teamwork Driven Results

You have big dreams. We have a big team dedicated to supporting you in that pursuit. In practice, this looks like us sitting down as a team to review your entire financial picture annually, so we can help move you within reach of those dreams.

CCR Wealth’s Big-Picture Capabilities

If it affects your finances, it affects your life. We’ve built a one-stop shop where you can find goal-centered solutions for the full spectrum of your financial concerns.

About Our Team

We’ve curated a team of professionals with varying specialties, enabling us to help you seamlessly pursue each of your goals. From in-house advisors, to CFPs, CFAs accredited investment fiduciaries, and more, our team does it all.

About You

Whether you’re a young professional looking to pay off student loans, a business owner seeking prudent advice, or a pre-retiree looking to maximize your income potential, CCR is for you. We’ll serve you diligently throughout every life stage.

About Our Process

We take a deliberate, personalized approach to financial planning. Although we boast a big team, you won’t get lost in the shuffle. Continuous communication and intensive, cyclical reviews of your complete financial picture help you stay the course with confidence.

Stability You Can Trust

Our team members have been with us for an average of almost ten years, and many of our clients have been with us for just as long. Through all of life’s ups and downs, we’ll be here for you. And you can count on it.

Everything You Need. Right Here.

CCR Wealth offers a wide range of services, aiming to serve as your one-stop shop for all your financial concerns.
Pick and choose the services you need for your unique situation and plan.

Financial Planning

Financial planning should be an ongoing and continuous process. We regularly review your progress and discuss your plan to ensure it aligns with your evolving goals.


We build personalized investment strategies to grow your wealth over the long term, while accounting for your needs, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

Insurance Strategies

Our trained insurance specialists will help assess your needs and provide customized solutions for your situation, including considerations for your estate plan.

Financial Coordination

Whether it's personal or business, we'll help you manage the bigger picture of your finances by developing a comprehensive plan for every stage of your life.

Corporate Retirement Plans

CCR guides you as you invest in your employees and in the stability of your business. We’ll help align goals and maximize contributions and tax efficiency.

Group Health & Life Insurance

We offer evaluations and solutions for group plans to help keep your employees and your business healthy, ensuring they’re well-protected and cared for.

For Advisors: Expand Your Practice

Joining our network of advisors provides you with the best of both worlds: the independence to build your own practice and solutions for your clients, while also being a member of the CCR team with access to all of our extensive resources and support.

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