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GTM Periodic Table

The chart nearby is what we call a “periodic table” of asset-type returns.  Not only does the chart depict the return each calendar year of major stock and bond asset classes for the last 14 years or so, it also tracks a hypothetical diversified portfolio that is approximately 60% equities and 40% fixed income comprised of these asset classes (white boxes), a very common asset allocation.  The two columns on the right side depict the rolling long-term averages of these investment elements in terms of both return, and volatility (standard deviation).  While a 60/40 mix is not a universally appropriate asset allocation for everyone, the chart gives a pretty good indication of what a diversified portfolio return has produced historically.

Keep in mind that the asset classes and allocations are comprised of pure indexes (which investors can not invest directly in).  They are gross returns with no reflection of the costs always associated with investing.

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Important Tax Info for 2019

It’s Tax Time Again! Please see the video below presented by Lisa Comeau on important tax time information. We have also listed Frequently Asked Questions below.

Tax time FAQ’s

  • When will I get my tax documents so I can or my accountant can file my tax return?

Pershing, our clearing firm has the tax document mailings scheduled as follows, based upon the type of assets held and their reporting to Pershing:  Phase 1 on 1/31/19.  Phase 2 will be Feb 15th for any revisions from the initial mailing or 1099s that were delayed.  Phase 3 will be issued on Feb. 28th, and finally the final issuance or possible revision date will be March 15th

  • Why are the documents delayed in being issued?

Pershing, our clearing firm, uses a staggered mailing event schedule of these tax documents due to reporting of dividends & interest or asset classification from the issuers of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments.  The delay in creation of the 1099 is an attempt to ensure that all of the data that is reported is accurate, and to possibly avoid any 1099 revisions. 

  • Will you provide my accountant copies of my tax information you have on file?

We will provide the documents to your CPA as long as we have that contact on file for you.  If you need to provide that authorization to us, please contact your Advisor.

  • Can you provide me with the cost basis for the investments I sold last year?

The cost basis data is reported on your 1099 under section 1099-B Proceeds.  This is the data being reported to the IRS as well. 

  • What is a 1099R and do I need to provide this to my CPA?

A 1099R tax document is issued when you have withdrawn funds from a retirement account or an IRA in that tax year.  This is reported as income to the IRS and you must provide this to your CPA as well.  They will report this on your return, along with any tax withholding payments made during the distribution.

  • Why am I receiving a 1099R if I didn’t withdrawal funds from a retirement account?  I just rolled it over to an IRA.

If you rolled funds from one retirement plan to another or to an IRA, your CPA will report it as a non taxable event as a rollover.  In the same tax year you will receive a corresponding form 5498 tax document that corresponds to this rollover being received into the other retirement account.

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