Private Client Services

Financial Planning

A top priority of every household is to detail, prioritize, inventory, acknowledge, organize, evaluate, discuss, and plan their financial existence. We understand that financial planning is not a single event but a process, and we discuss your plan with you on an ongoing basis to make sure it aligns with your evolving goals.

A Methodical Approach

We maintain a disciplined and organized approach to establishing your financial plan. We begin by evaluating your current net worth – both your assets and your aspirations. With an understanding of your goals and objectives, we then identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current plan, establish an appropriate asset allocation based on your risk tolerance and time horizon, review estate and tax considerations, establish a savings plan, and gain a clear perspective of your targets for financial security. 

Shared Planning & Investing Philosophy 

We believe financial planning is an invaluable component of your overall investment plan. The financial plan serves as both a guide to asset allocation and investment risk tolerance as well as a relevant measure of your financial strength. We gauge progress toward your financial goals not only by periodic projections but also by tax efficiency, estate and gifting consideration, savings schedules, college savings, and continually refining your plan. These two pillars of portfolio development – financial planning and investment management – intersect at a common philosophy: an understanding of what we do not know, and we base our investment risk/reward decisions on this honest premise. 

Detailed Process

We follow a six-step process to create a fluid financial course of action.

Step 1: Identify Goals and Objectives

A critical first step in developing a plan is to identify and prioritize your family’s goals and objectives. We focus on relevant hallmark events such as educational funding, retirement, survivor needs, and estate planning, as well as business successions, transfers, and sales. We also conduct a risk analysis to evaluate your threshold for market fluctuations and expected investment returns. 

Step 2: Collect Qualitative and Quantitative Data

This stage involves understanding how your assets are owned among individual, joint, trusts, and retirement plans. We also examine the types of assets you are holding and their current market value. We look at cash inflows and outflows, and document all liabilities along with any associated interest rate and term.

Step 3: Analyze and Evaluate Data

Once your goals and objectives are clearly defined and all data is gathered, we analyze the information to create a complete plan. The evaluation includes an assessment of financial concerns, a net worth statement, a cash flow analysis, survivor needs, insurance evaluations, a current asset allocation, and a retirement analysis detailing when you can expect to retire and what financial independence you can enjoy. 

Step 4: Present Recommendations

We review our findings and recommendations. We detail your current situation and how we plan to help you achieve your goals. We also review the strengths and weaknesses of your existing strategy, addressing both sides of the balance sheet.

Step 5: Implement Recommendations

We establish your new investment account, transfer your assets, and initiate strategies for saving, asset allocation, insurance, and other financial independence initiatives based on your plan. 

Step 6: Monitor, Reevaluate, and Review

We monitor and review your plan with you at least once a year, on the anniversary of the initial plan development, to make sure it continues to be aligned with your goals. Discussion is ongoing throughout the year to keep abreast of major financial and life factors that may influence your portfolio. Even small changes in your life can have a profound impact on the structure and direction of your financial plan.

Financial Planning Services

Based on your financial plan, we provide services specific to your goals. They may encompass one or all of the following services:

  • Investment management
  • Retirement planning
  • Insurance needs planning
  • Estate planning coordination
  • Tax optimization
  • Wealth accumulation
  • Cash flow management
  • Charitable giving